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Bec & Bridge strike a fine balance between aspirational and achievable fashion, a niche its creators have worked hard to perfect since the label’s origins in 2003.The pair have a meticulous eye for detail alongside a ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ ability to create commercially savvy designs. True originals, their collections truly connect with ‘go get it’ girls all over. Their unique approach sets them firmly apart from their peers.

And at the heart of every collection lies strong design aesthetic. Contoured lines and sleek silhouettes create a distinct signature style that pulse from every stitch and seam with a contemporary and progressive edge.

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  • Bon Marche Tie Dress

    Bon Marche Tie Dress Bec and Bridge


  • Bon Marche Plunge Dress

    Bon Marche Plunge Dress Bec and Bridge


  • Superbe Ruffle Dress

    Superbe Ruffle Dress Bec and Bridge


  • Petit Miam Plunge Dress

    Petit Miam Plunge Dress Bec and Bridge


  • Petit Miam Tie Top

    Petit Miam Tie Top Bec and Bridge


  • Tulipe L/S Top

    Tulipe L/S Top Bec and Bridge


  • Tulipe Mini Dress

    Tulipe Mini Dress Bec and Bridge


  • Margurite Top

    Margurite Top Bec and Bridge



  • Alix Skirt

    Alix Skirt Bec and Bridge



  • Excusez Moi Skirt

    Excusez Moi Skirt Bec and Bridge



  • Martine Shorts

    Martine Shorts Bec and Bridge



  • Sweet Georgia Shirt

    Sweet Georgia Shirt Bec and Bridge



  • Sandalwood Asymm Dress

    Sandalwood Asymm Dress Bec and Bridge



  • Glitter Gal Bodysuit

    Glitter Gal Bodysuit Bec and Bridge



  • Ophelia Dress

    Ophelia Dress Bec and Bridge



  • Liquid Envy Flounce Dress

    Liquid Envy Flounce Dress Bec and Bridge



  • Stripe Hyde Brief

    Stripe Hyde Brief Bec and Bridge


17 Item(s)

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