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Viktoria plus Woods

Viktoria plus Woods

From the time VIKTORIA + WOODS launched in 2005 their approach was simple: to create effortless wardrobe staples with a pared-back, contemporary feel. The designers Margie Woods + Lisa Reynolds, create collections for women who are considered in developing a quality designer wardrobe that is both effortless and desirable. Over the years, collections have developed a cool ‘sports-luxe’ vibe, now synonymous with V+W. This direction is a reflection of the laid back Australian culture and emerging global trends. At the heart of the label is our signature merino wool collection that launched the brand. Since then, the offering has expanded to include premium fabrications such as silks, cotton basics, chunky cable knits, and luxury coating.

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  • Woods T Cement

    Woods T Cement Viktoria + Woods


  • Entourage Sweater

    Entourage Sweater Viktoria + Woods


  • Williamsburg Blazer

    Williamsburg Blazer Viktoria + Woods


  • Survivor Plait Sweater

    Survivor Plait Sweater Viktoria + Woods


  • Lyrical Top

    Lyrical Top Viktoria + Woods


  • Episode Tank Dress

    Episode Tank Dress Viktoria + Woods


  • Halation Jumpsuit

    Halation Jumpsuit Viktoria + Woods


  • Springfield Dress

    Springfield Dress Viktoria + Woods


  • Palmer Short

    Palmer Short Viktoria + Woods


  • Carpenter Jumpsuit

    Carpenter Jumpsuit Viktoria + Woods



  • Escape Wrap Dress

    Escape Wrap Dress Viktoria + Woods



  • Fenway Drop Pant Navy

    Fenway Drop Pant Navy Viktoria + Woods


  • Forbes Drawstring Dress

    Forbes Drawstring Dress Viktoria + Woods



  • Nursery Crew White

    Nursery Crew White Viktoria + Woods



  • Heritage Pleat Shirt

    Heritage Pleat Shirt Viktoria + Woods


  • Quest Pant Navy

    Quest Pant Navy Viktoria + Woods


  • Rival Vintage Skinny Jean

    Rival Vintage Skinny Jean Viktoria + Woods


17 Item(s)

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